GlyGen Kickoff!

The team is excited for the GlyGen Kickoff this weekend, October 29-30th, 2017.

Travel plans are in place and the agenda is taking shape.

Everyone is looking forward to moving past the proposal and planning stage to start building glycoscience

Most of the key personnel will be in D.C. to begin hashing out the details, see below for a list of expected attendees:

Core management team:

  • Will York (PI, University of Georgia)
  • Raja Mazumder (PI, George Washington University)
  • Rene Ranzinger (University of Georgia)
  • Nathan Edwards (Georgetown University)
  • Robel Kahsay (George Washington University)

Key personnel:

  • Maria Martin (European Bioinforamtics Institute)
  • Darren Natale (Georgetown University)
  • Kiyoko Aoki-Kinoshita (Soka University)
  • Matthew Campbell (Maquarie University)
  • Richard Cummings (Harvard University)
  • Ten Feizi (Imperial College)
  • Jeff Gildersleeve (National Cancer Institute)
  • Rob Woods (University of Georgia)
  • Kim Pruitt (National Center for Biotechnology Information)
  • Evan Bolton (National Center for Biotechnology Information)


  • Mike Pierce (University of Georgia)
  • Rado Goldman (Georgetown University)
  • Judith Blake (Jackson Lab)

On the phone:

  • Nicki Packer (Macquarie University)